The process begins with an introductory meeting between the client and the designer, during which the two discuss various aspects of the wedding, as well as, the client’s aspirations and visions for the dress. This is an integral part of the process, as it allows the designer to gain insight about her client’s needs and sense of style. The information collected during this meeting is later used to create the sketches, which aim to capture the true reflection of the bride’s ideal dress. The client is encouraged to bring anything to this meeting, which best represents, her personal style. This may include items of sentimental value, favorite pieces from her own closet, pictures of gowns, flowers, cakes, images of wedding venues, or anything else that can serve as an inspiration to the designer


During the second meeting, the bride to be is presented with a number of potential dress designs, exclusively tailored to her style and personality. The designer and the client then compare and discuss the various options so that the client can make a decision that best suites her preferences and budget. 


At this point in the process, the bride-to-be has already picked her favorite design, measurements have been taken, and the making of the dress has begun. In order to ensure that the sketch truly represents what the client envisions as her ideal dress, the designer makes a “first drape" out of recyclable fabric. During the “First Fitting,” the bride has an opportunity to try on the drape and determine if any changes need to be made before the real fabric is cut out. This avoids costly and time consuming alterations later in the process. At the end of the “First Fitting,” the dress design is finalized and the fabric for the actual garments is selected.


The gown is draped in real fabric and fitted on the bride-to-be. Final corrections are made


This is a “dress rehearsal” so to speak and a celebration of the finished product. The bride is able to see her complete look before the big day.  She can come in full hair and makeup, or our company can hire a makeup artist and/or hairdresser who can work with her on finalizing a look. Since this is meant to be a festive event, the bride can invite friends and family, to share this memorable experience with her. Our team serves cocktails and we all celebrate the end of the journey, in which the dream bridal dress becomes a reality.